The traditional form of group therapy is one or more psychologists getting together with a group of people about a similar issue in person. Currently, sessions are being done online, due to the trouble of meeting groups of people in person during the ongoing pandemic. Virtual group therapy allows you to partake in a therapy session from the comfort of your home, at your own ease.

Expectations From Virtual Group Therapy

Virtual group therapy has about 15 participants who all have a shared experience in common. It can be a number of things like grief, anxiety, depression, and more. Virtual therapy groups have been very useful recently in helping those dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. With therapists having limited availability for in-person sessions, virtual conferences allow you to help a number of people all at once. The psychologist (or a team of psychologists) helps steer the conversation, but the participants offer their own personal experiences or advice.

Virtual Group Therapy Provides a Support Network

It can be hard to turn to others about your worries during the pandemic, as everyone else is going through their struggles with it, too. Virtual group therapy allows you to talk about your personal experiences and hear from others dealing with similar situations. Additionally, you can pick up coping habits from them that can help you during this time. Just when you think no one is suffering like you are, a group of people is around online to prove you are not alone.

Virtual Group Therapy Prioritizes Self-Care

Virtual group therapy can teach you all about enjoying activities that you used to enjoy. Most participants feel like they can achieve this themselves, once they hear how others have done so. Virtual group therapy can introduce us to new hobbies we can take up while we are staying at home. People in your group may talk about learning to play an instrument or how they have taken online classes that were free with their library card. These new ideas you are hearing about can be beneficial to your own life. You can speak to your doctor or therapist about where to find virtual group therapy sessions. By participating in group therapy sessions in the comfort of your home, you are not only connecting yourself to people who are going through the same struggles, but you can also learn how to be happy.

We all can use support and community during this troubling time. The ongoing pandemic has made it hard to be able to get treatment for our mental health or addiction issues if facilities are closed or your therapist prefers to stay home. Thankfully, through the help of technology, patients can continue to communicate with their therapist while remaining safe. At Alta Loma’s transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas, we offer a relaxing environment where you can achieve that sense of community with others who are going through similar struggles of addiction and mental illness. We understand the obstacles you are facing during this time, and are confident we can help you through them. We offer a variety of tools, such as individualized therapy, 12-Step programs, therapeutic recreational activities, and more. If you want to learn how you can be happier during this difficult pandemic, please give us a call today at (866) 457-3843.