People may think that anxiety is simply being nervous all the time. Anxiety is anything but simple as it takes a toll on your life if it is not treated. Business Insider had mental health experts explain what they wish everyone knew about anxiety in order for more people to get into treatment.

Your Anxiety Alarm Does Not Always Work

There is a normal level of anxiety that warns us when we feel we are in danger, such as when we cross the street. When our anxiety becomes a mental illness, on the other hand, our mind tends to play tricks on us thinking we are in danger when we are not. Managing anxiety is all about having a better sense of telling when you are in real danger. By acknowledging that you are not in real danger, you will be able to move forward in the task. For example, you may have anxiety before getting on an airplane. If you can see that the flight is moving slowly with no announcements from the staff or pilot, you can rest assured that you are not in real danger.

Anxiety Affects You Cognitively, Emotionally, and Physically

While anxiety is emotional, it can also affect your brain and body. Anxiety can cause you to obsess about events that happened in the past or dwell on what you predict will happen. Your body will respond to these thoughts through rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and sweating. Knowing how to calm down will help you be in control of your body’s responses to stress.

Change Your Environment

If you feel like you are in an unhealthy situation right now, change your environment to help reduce your anxiety. You may have a toxic relationship with a friend who is always putting you down. Cutting this person out of your life would be a coping mechanism you could use. Take a look around at all of the stressors that are in your life and see what you can do to make changes to better fit your comfort zone.

Anxiety is a Disorder When Function is Impaired

Anxiety disorders can be mixed in with panic disorder, social anxiety, or substance/medication-induced anxiety. Once there is a negative impact on your social, occupational, or educational functioning, that is when it is time to go to treatment. Having control over your anxiety is having control over your life.

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