One of the most common misconceptions surrounding mental health disorders is that they result from weaknesses or flaws within a person’s character. These beliefs are far from accurate and actually serve to harm those living with mental health conditions. The more stigma a person faces, the more likely they are to believe what others are saying, making their own mental health deteriorate. By understanding that mental health disorders do not make you weak, those currently struggling can begin healing and living life healthily and happily.

It’s Not a Matter of Trying Hard Enough

Many individuals believe that if a person simply tried harder not to be sad or not be anxious, their condition would improve. However, it is crucial to understand that those with mental health disorders do not want to experience their symptoms. Many want to rid themselves of what they are facing but cannot. This is because multiple factors affect mental health disorders that are unrelated to a lack of willpower or character flaws. These include genetics, life experiences such as trauma, a family history of mental health disorders, and other biological factors.

Illness versus Weakness

When discussing mental health disorders, it is essential to pay attention to the language used. You would not call someone with cancer “weak” because of their illness. This principle should also apply to those with mental health disorders. These disorders are illnesses of the brain that create chemical imbalances, affecting how the brain functions. This is why individuals with mental health conditions need treatment to help them live healthy, successful lives. It is not a matter of weakness or not trying hard enough. In fact, many individuals with mental health disorders try their hardest to cope with their symptoms, and sometimes this is not enough.

Living with a mental health disorder can be hard enough without dealing with unfair stigmas from others. One of the most common stigmas surrounding mental health disorders is that they result from weakness or character flaws. This belief can harm those struggling, as they may believe that there is no hope for healing. Alta Loma Transformational Services wants to change this through education and support programs. We help men from all backgrounds find healing from mental health and substance use disorders. To learn more about our Texas-based facility and our comprehensive care programs, call us today at (866) 457-3843.