You would think that if you survived cancer, you would be relieved that your treatment-filled days are over. The truth is that anxiety may pour in because you are used to filling your schedule with chemotherapy and hospital visits. It is important to not let your anxiety interfere with living a cancer-free life as you should be living the rest of your life happy and stress-free.

Anxiety From Cancer

Having cancer can make us feel anxious in that we question our own mortality and endure unpleasant cancer treatments.  We also feel that we are not in control of our own care or our destiny going forward. Now that you have survived, you should be feeling happy that your problems are over. We also feel that we are not in control of our own care. This anxiety can stay with us even after we survive cancer as your brain needs time to reprogram. The symptoms of anxiety can come in the form of an accelerated heartbeat, nausea, trembling, and having trouble sleeping and relaxing. The good news is that you can still move forward and reprogram your brain to learn that you are healthy again.

Do Not Ignore Worries

It is normal for people who are free from cancer to still experience worries that it can return. You may feel if you experience any pain, it can be a sign of its return. It is important to not ignore these feelings and seek help from a professional therapist if you are still scared. Hiding your worries will not make them go away, but will make them worse and give them a home in your mind. Acknowledge what you are afraid of and remember that you are doing everything you can. 

Get Back to a Normal Routine

Because you are used to visiting hospitals and undergoing treatments, you are not used to doing anything fun. Push yourself in small steps to get back to the routine you had before you got sick. This can mean calling friends on the phone to have a nice chat about good things happening in your life. You can also start going back to work whenever you are ready. If you feel like these anxiety symptoms are continuing to stay with you after two weeks, seek help from a therapist, take medication, and continue to take care of yourself to have a long and healthy life.

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