Social restrictions implemented to fight the spread of COVID-19 are successfully lowering rates of disease across the nation, but individuals in recovery from substance addictions may find forced isolation to be as dangerous as the pandemic. Mental health facilities and recovery centers are adjusting treatment strategies, offering virtual consultations and new appointment hours to help their patients in this difficult time.

For individuals overcoming substance addiction, however, socialization in group therapy, 12-Step meetings, and healthcare facilities can be critical in their recovery. Opioid use in America has increased since the onset of the pandemic, and continued isolation guidelines are preventing individuals from receiving aid. Dr. Peter Grinspoon of Chelsea, Massachusetts, states that there are avenues for treating opioid addiction during quarantine, but these practices will only be successful if communities and governments all contribute their support.

Dr. Grinspoon treats patients struggling with opiate addictions in an urban care center. Many of his patients are homeless, poor, and under- or uninsured, and, as a result, are victim to an increased risk of catching and spreading the disease.

Individuals struggling with addiction are also more likely to experience harsher symptoms due to prolonged substance abuse. The anxiety of catching COVID-19 causes reliance on alcohol, drugs, and other substances as a coping mechanism. Without exposure to social situations, those fighting opioid addictions are suddenly alone.

In this time of isolation, Dr. Grinspoon implores communities impacted by the opioid epidemic to extend care to struggling addicts: “What we need to do now is reach out more than ever to those who are struggling with addiction, and provide them with the resources, such as online meetings, so that they are not alone and forgotten during this dual crisis of coronavirus and addiction,” he writes on Harvard Health Blog. Opioid addiction, itself an epidemic, cannot be ignored.

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