You may have made it your goal to achieve sobriety, but feel like it is too much of a challenge because of the COVID-19 limitations. COVID-19 has brought about less social interaction, more stress, and fewer health services. To maintain sobriety during the pandemic, it is important to avoid situations where you feel tempted to drink and remember that the cravings you are feeling are just temporary.

Health Services Obstacle

A lot of people during the pandemic have either had their hours cut drastically or have lost their jobs completely. Financial difficulties have made it hard for people to keep their health insurance, creating a better need for community mental health services for those seeking treatment. Seeking treatment during a global pandemic has made people scared to reach out for help when there is a major health crisis going on in the world. It is important to understand that even during a pandemic, your mental health should always be considered a priority. With isolation occurring to protect us from contracting COVID-19, our mental health is still a serious risk factor for our sobriety.

Lack of Social Interaction

The places that we have connected to such as community centers, gyms, and places of worship have been closed. When we are stressed and do not have that social connection, we look for ways to ease the stress like drugs or alcohol if they are available in our environment. That is why the first thing you should do when you feel stress coming on is to get rid of any drugs or alcohol in your home. We tend to go to past memories to teach us how to deal with present-day problems. This means making it a habit to walk past a location you know you should avoid or using substances for emotional management.

Sticking to Your Sobriety During the Pandemic

When you are sensing triggers to relapse, pick a healthier alternative like going for a walk, reading a book, or working on a house project. Do not use excuses like you’re simply having one drink, or just one hit will not hurt anything, or that you deserve a drink after a hard day. Remember that cravings will pass and remind yourself why you wanted to be sober in the first place. If you are currently suffering from addiction, do not let the pandemic stop you from getting help.

The pandemic has brought about a lot of unpredictable changes, including our sobriety routine. It has also negatively affected our sobriety by taking away our health insurance benefits through job loss and limited social connections. At Alta Loma’s transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas., we understand how hard it is to maintain sobriety during these uncertain times. What is certain is that we have the tools to help you achieve sobriety. We can offer you 12-step programs, individualized therapy, life and coping skills education, a long-term continuum of care, medication management, residency up to 24 months, and more. Please call us at (866) 457-3843 for more information.