Dan Peres, former editor-in-chief of Details Magazine, battled Vicodin addiction for over a decade. He believes if you saw him, you would never suspect his addiction. Dan Peres decided to break the stigma of his addiction through his memoir to let readers know that even a high-profile man can still experience struggles behind closed doors.

How Dan Pere’s Addiction Started

Peres was first exposed to opioids in 1995 after rupturing a spinal disk while doing a cartwheel to impress a woman. A doctor gave him a supply of 60 Vicodin which helped his back but was the start of his long battle of opioid addiction. By 2003, he was taking 60 extra-strength Vicodin a day. Peres would see three pain-management specialists at a time to keep receiving more prescriptions. 

Bad Experiences Told in Dan Pere’s Memoir

There was a time that Peres had trouble focusing while conducting an interview with a job candidate. He also threw up in his office trash can from the drugs and had to mask the smell with scented candles. Peres also got sick again when he was to discuss a story with boxer Mike Tyson only to throw up on the street sweat-soaked and swaying back and forth. In 2003, things turned scary for Pere’s girlfriend when she found him unconscious not breathing for two minutes. By 2004, he moved onto 15-milligram tablets of Oxycodone. On a business trip to Los Angeles, he realized he was out of drugs and nearly got his legs busted trying to score heroin on Skid Row.

How Dan Peres Got Clean

After a decade, Peres decides to become clean with the help of a friend he grew up with in Baltimore, who flushed his drugs down the toilet and took him to Maryland to recover. This was where he detoxed under the supervision of his mother. Even though Peres relapsed briefly, he quit drugs in 2008 after the birth of his first son. Peres now has three kids and works as a writer and a consultant staying sober. He says that his sons have always seen him as sober and his goal is to make sure that no one sees him addicted again. Writing a memoir about your terrible experiences takes a lot of courage and effort. Dan Peres saw how important it was to maintain his sobriety for his children and for his health going forward.

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