It is true that the health of the mind impacts the health of the body. Our bodies react in different ways depending on how stressed we are. By understanding what our body does when we are stressed out, you will be able to report your physical symptoms to a doctor in order to relieve them.

Skin Problems

Having anxiety can lead to having “stress zits” where we tend to break out if we know we have to take a big test the next day or we have an upcoming interview. This can mean developing acne, eczema, or breaking out into hives. If you visit your dermatologist or a primary doctor about your skin problems, they can help tell you whether or not your anxiety is the cause of it all.

Memory Problems

Being nervous has a tendency to affect your memories. If the brain is having trouble functioning because of your anxiety, this can make it hard for you to remember your memories or come up with new ones. Make sure that if your difficulty in recalling memories is interfering with your life, make sure to tell your doctor or therapist. Going into treatment for anxiety can help improve your memory functions.

Losing Hair

It is just like the expression that you hear in movies where someone says that the stress is making their hair fall out. The same is true in real life where anxiety can cause you to develop the hair loss condition telogen effluvium. This usually happens after stress, shock, or a traumatic event. Large amounts of hair may fall out, but it is normally temporary. Anxiety can also cause you to get a hair-pulling condition called trichotillomania. By speaking to your therapist for advice, your hair should remain intact on your head.

Heart Palpitations

Anxiety can do a number on a person’s life such as receiving heart palpitations which is a fast, irregular heartbeat. People who may feel anxious once in a while have these heart palpitations disappear once they calm down. If you are experiencing anxiety episodes frequently, it can cause cardiac abnormalities to become serious heart conditions like heart attacks or cardiac arrhythmia. If your heart or any other part of the body is suffering because of your anxiety episodes, it is important to consult with a doctor or mental health professional to ensure that you have a healthy body and a healthy mind.


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