New research published by the Journal of the American Heart Association recognizes that consistent heavy alcohol drinking leads to subsequent damage to the heart tissue.

There is inadequate research on how alcohol consumption negatively affects heart health in particular, yet previous studies show that heavy drinking increases the risks of many health issues, such as: 

  • Alcohol-induced heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Arrhythmia, or irregular heart rhythm
  • High blood pressure
  • Death


The Study 

The study used blood samples from 2,525 adults between the ages of 35 and 69. Researchers categorized the participants based on their self-reported drinking habits and used specific indicators to define participants’ drinking habits, including:

  • Heavy or harmful drinking, or imbibing in six or more drinks at one time
  • Feeling drunk or hungover
  • Experiencing negative consequences in life due to drinking
  • Needing a drink upon waking up in the morning
  • Having a family member who is concerned about their drinking habits

Any of these signs indicated to the researchers that their levels of drinking are damaging heart health. 

Furthermore, heart damage may be present even before symptoms of the damage occurs, which is known as subclinical heart disease. This led researchers to measure specific biomarkers, or molecules, in the participants’ blood to indicate the levels of heart tissue damage.

They found that those who drank heavily had more subclinical heart damage than those who drank less. Therefore, continuously consuming alcohol in harmful amounts increases the levels of these molecules, or biomarkers, which indicate heart tissue damage.


The Study’s Results

The results from the study indicate that people who drink heavily create high levels of inflammation inside of their bodies. Inflammation is associated with many negative health issues, including heart disease. This study confirms what research already indicates: there are many health-related consequences to drinking alcohol excessively and that the heart is at significant risk from these behaviors.


Need Help?

Research continues to point to the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption, specifically heavy and excessive drinking, on the body and brain. In particular, the adverse effects on the heart continue to surface in research and studies. If you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are not alone, and there is hope for your recovery.


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