The fall season means that it will start to get colder which will lead up to winter. This might transition you to depression as you are waiting for spring to come. Designer Nicole Gibbons believes that the way you redecorate your home can make a difference in your low moods and help liven things up.

Repaint Your Walls

Think about what spaces in your home you like to be around during the fall. If you feel like you are always cozying up by the fire, think of re-painting your living room. Try to find a color that is neutral with warm undertones. It will bring about a bright feeling to your space and a soft, relaxed warmth to your house. If you and your family are always in the kitchen, creamy white walls will feel more welcoming. If you want more color, vibrant hues will brighten and uplift a room when it is feeling cold.

Live Plants

The leaves may be falling from the trees outside your house, but you can still invite a living plant inside your house. Plants will make any room look more colorful as well as lowering your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Find plants that are easy to care for to get the anxiety-reducing benefits without worrying about keeping your plants alive.

Let Light In

Not having enough sunlight and too many clouds can make your seasonal depression worse. In order to invite more light into your house as if the sun has come out, switch to LED light bulbs. These give you the most light while using the least amount of energy. Find LED light bulbs in soft white to help brighten the room. You can also buy sheer curtains that will not block out the light from outside. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the windows like plants, lamps, or furniture to allow more light to come in. 

Add Color

Look around your house and see if you have too many dark colors surround the area. Add some bright colors to lighten your mood such as in your throw pillows to brighten the space more. Warm red dish towels can add energy to your space and make you feel light compared to all of the serious colors you used to have. Giving your home a makeover during the fall will help brighten your mood knowing the house looks joyful to be in.

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