We know how seasonal affective disorder is normally a depression for those who do not get enough sunlight, but there is a depression for those who get too much sun. Everyone’s bodies work differently about how we feel when the sun comes out. It is important to try to enjoy your summer by being around people and knowing when to seek help to enjoy this season.


In order to fix any problems you have, you need to acknowledge them. If you are aware that this is something that happens to you during the summer, plan ahead before the season starts. This can mean scheduling more therapy appointments during the summer than usual. You should also practice telling yourself as well as your peers that you have a seasonal affective disorder. That you are not being “dramatic” or imagining things, but that this is a real thing for you. By putting a name to the disorder, you and everyone else around you will know it is real.

Stop Imagining What Summer Should Look Like

While struggling with this disorder, you may feel like comparing what your summers used to be when you were a child compared to now. You may associate your summers with fun activities and being wild and carefree. You may feel like there is something wrong with you if you are not associating yourself with those positive feelings. Instead of thinking about what summer should be like, think about what your ideal summer is. Maybe you do not care about the beach or any fun activities but would instead prefer to stay inside and read a nice book. Lower your expectations about what the perfect summer should be and just have your idea of a perfect summer.

Reduce Light Exposure

While seasonal affective disorder experts will say to be surrounded by light, the opposite needs to occur if this depression occurs in the summer. You can try wearing dark shades when you go outside or thick blinds in your bedroom to avoid the sun from coming in. If you feel like these efforts are not working, speak to your therapist about what to do as it may not be sunlight that could be the main problem. Reach out to your peers for comfort. By speaking openly about your seasonal depressive disorder and making necessary changes towards your comfort zone, you will have a summer that you can enjoy. 


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