The American Psychological Association says that 85% are feeling generalized anxiety. A hotline by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration had a 1,000% increase in people texting in for emotional distress. A new company called Frame provides access to mental health professionals on a platform that works much like a dating app.

The Start of Frame Started

CEO Kendall Bird had been in therapy for more than 15 years. When she moved from New York to Los Angeles, Bird had to change therapists. It took her eight months and $1,000 to find the right person. Her insurance company offered little help. Essentially she was on her own. The experience inspired Bird to speak to an old friend of hers, who is a social worker. Their discussions led to Frame, which used the format of dating websites. 

How Frame Works

Frame users take an online questionnaire. Once completed, you receive profiles for six therapists to ensure you get the right types of matches. There are free introduction calls where you can call two or three therapists to help determine whether you want to work with one of them. Once the introductory calls are complete, you choose which, if any, of the therapists you want to work with. While you have to pay a fee for using Frame, the app provides free offerings that include digital discussions and live-streamed therapy sessions. Frame also provides HIPAA tele-health services, payment processing, and bill management.

What Can Be Expected During An Intro Call

Intro calls allow you to speak to a potential therapist before you commit to seeing them on a regular basis. During the intro call, you can expect a 10 to15 minute conversation where you may be asked questions to gain a quick understanding of how you can be helped. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The Benefits of Frame

Frame gives more people access to the professional help they need. Rural and other remote areas often have little or no mental health services. Frame breaks down that and other barriers to care power, matching you up with a therapist that help you manage your mental illness.


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