On the hit television show “This Is Us”, one of the main characters, Randall, has an anxiety disorder. In the show, he has panic attacks and is portrayed as something of a control freak. The latest episode of “This Is Us” shows how anxiety can lead to nightmares. It also demonstrates how tough it is to seek help when you are a man of color.

What Happened in the Latest Episode of “This Is Us?”

In the last episode of “This Is Us,” a burglar broke into Randall’s home and threatened him with a knife. Randall gives him money from his pocket, and the burglar escapes. This causes Randall to install a security system in his home. He also downloads an app that alerts him to any disturbance in or around his house. Through flashbacks, we see that he has had nightmares since he was a little kid. These nightmares haunt him with his inability to protect his mother or images of his deceased father.

Randall’s nightmares grew worse as he dreamt about the burglar coming into his house while his wife is asleep. In the dream, he is unable to help her, no matter how loud he screamed. In the real world, Randall’s new security system only worsened his anxiety. He found himself continually viewing the notifications on his phone whenever they went off. Subsequently, he was unable to focus at work. Randall finally found clarity after a friend referred him to a therapist. He taught Randall how important it was to seek help, despite both of them being men of color. At the end of the episode, Randall finally dares to speak to his brother about the robbery.

Why Do Black Men Face Greater Mental Health Challenges?

Most black men are taught to be tough, as it represents their masculinity. There is a significant stigma in the black community about showing any vulnerability. This can lead these men to express only anger, aggression, and even violence. It is essential for anyone to feel like they can speak openly about their problems, regardless of their race or culture. Randall may not have spoken to a therapist at the end of the episode, but talking to his brother was a step in the right direction.

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