The end of the year brings about fun holidays to celebrate like Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years. But, you may be experiencing depression that the fun is now over which makes you feel like there is nothing to look forward to. By making plans for the new year and keeping your friends and family close, you will have a satisfactory new year.

What Causes a Post-Holiday Slump?

The holidays brings a deep emphasis on human connection. It pulls people together and brings about opportunities to have fun with each other. You may feel like once the holidays are over, there is nothing bringing you and your loved ones together. The same can be said for your job where work will give you time off during the holidays where you can sit back and relax at home. But once the holidays are over, it is time to go back to the grinding work and reality. You may have taken a vacation, but now all of the stress that was put on pause is back in session. Negative feelings after the holidays may be feeling lonely, depressed, homesick, etc. 

How Can You Manage Post- Holiday Depression?

You can first make a new routine for the new year that is different from the one you took a vacation from. Start small with simple and achievable goals that you can accomplish at home. It can be things like cleaning your house, cooking a meal, or meeting up with a friend. Being able to check off each of these small goals will give you the confidence to come up with more goals. You can also stay connected with people who love you. If they are good people, they will find ways to pick you back up. Go out for coffee or lunch, invite people over, or a simple text message. You can also try to find events on Facebook or in your local area that you and your friends would look forward to.

You should also acknowledge your feelings. It is okay not to feel okay. You had such a great time during the holidays that you are afraid to get back to your normal routine where feelings of stress and responsibility rush back. Remember that others feel the way you do and that your emotions are valid. It is best to think of the new year as a new start to love yourself.

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