Dating can be hard when you are struggling with depression. You feel very down on yourself and on life that it can be hard to present a positive attitude with your date. By looking for the qualities that you want in a new partner, you will know whether or not they can help support you during your struggles with depression.

Why is it Important For a Partner to Be Loving?

When you are depressed, you need to find a partner who will love you unconditionally. This can mean that you still feel that love when you are having a good day or a bad day. This person will not judge your moods and will be respectful towards you. You already feel unloved when you have depression. A partner will do whatever it takes to show that you are wrong about being unlovable and how strong you are. This partner will teach you that you are not a burden.

Why is it Important For a Partner to Be Observant?

Your partner may not have to be a mind reader, but they should be observant of your actions like if you are feeling low. They will know whether to give you space or extra loving. A true partner for someone with depression should be aware of whether or not you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or warnings. That way, your partner can give you that extra help you need.

Why is it Important For a Partner to Be Encouraging?

Having depression means you lack the motivation to do things that you used to enjoy. This partner should help you get out of bed when you feel like spending all day in bed or push you to take that next step towards your career. If your partner can push you to be the best version of yourself, you know that you have a keeper. They should be encouraging you without pressuring you into anything.

Why is it Important For a Partner to Be Supportive?

Support can really make a difference in your mood. A good partner for you will support your recovery or help you chase your dreams. Support can also mean helping you get the right professional help. This means encouraging you to take your pills or go to therapy. It is best to look for a partner who exhibits loving traits to ensure you will be treated right and be there for you.

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