You may have been friends with someone for so long that you are not aware of the red flags that are right in front of you. You could also be keeping up with this friendship because you may not have any friends after, making it feel like a life sentence. It is important to reevaluate your friendship with this person to avoid your mental health taking a toll.

Does Your Friendship Feel Genuine to You?

Your friend may only be friends with you because they want something from you. They could be always asking for money from you and using the friendship card to get it. They make you feel like a superhero if you do everything they ask which makes you feel like a good friend to them. You are supposed to be a friend to someone instead of their personal assistant. Make sure that in your friendship, the two of you are giving and taking instead of this being one-sided.

Does Your Friend Encourage Bad Habits?

Your friend should be a good influence on you. Unhealthy habits can mean constantly putting you down and telling you after that they are joking. Another example can be if you are struggling with drug addiction and your friend is still abusing drugs around you when you are trying to get better. Friends are supposed to work together to tackle problems together. They should never pressure you to engage in habits that can kill you. You may have to break away from this person for your own sake.

Does Your Friend Manipulate You?

Your friend may be making you feel guilty for things that you did not mean to do. Even when you apologize, they still make you feel like you should suffer. It may not be until you really rethink that talk you had with your friend that you realize you are not to blame. Your friend is always making you apologize and feel guilty about everything in order to have power over you. This leaves you feeling less happy and secure. A real friend would never purposefully make you feel negative emotions.

Does Your Friend Let You Be Yourself?

The best friend you can have is one that will let you be yourself. It is a tough decision to break up with a long-time friend. If your friend punishes you for being yourself, you are much better off without them.

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