The fallout of the opioid crisis has already put Purdue Pharma and Insys Therapeutics into bankruptcy. Some of the nation’s biggest companies are facing uncertainty during the pandemic, including CVS, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, and Walgreens. These companies are struggling with the manufacture and sales of prescription opioids while still trying to provide medicine and services to slow the pandemic. However, putting these pharmacies, manufacturers, and distributors out of business is not the answer, as we can still use their services to help slow down this pandemic.

How Companies Are Attempting to Turn Away From the Opioid Scandal

Drug companies were once considered champions of the healthcare world until court cases proved these companies were downplaying the risks of prescription pain medications to boost profits. Last year, Johnson & Johnson had to pay $465 million in damages for pushing medical opioids. In a separate case, the company also agreed to pay two Ohio counties $2.4 million to settle opioid claims. Johnson & Johnson has denied any wrongdoings in these cases and has decided to focus their energy on a coronavirus vaccine. Last week, they announced a $1 billion deal with the federal government to produce millions of doses of vaccines in development. 

The Challenges for Drug Companies to Reach a Settlement

As these civil and criminal cases move forward, these drug companies are going to have to answer for what they have done. There is pressure growing to reach a national settlement of opioid-related cases. Several proposed settlements have not been finalized, as the amount of money they will have to pay in these settlements can put them out of business. Firms lack the cash to compensate Americans who have been harmed by these powerful opioids, as well as the addiction crisis in full. It is estimated that the opioid crisis is costing communities hundreds and billions of dollars a year. 

The truth is that even if you take away the money from all drug companies that have impacted the opioid crisis, it will not erase the damage that has already been done. Treatment will help prevent opioid overdoses from winning in the end. It is the best way to take control of what seems like an impossible situation. After all, we still need these drug companies to help create vaccines to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore your treatment options to erase the damage opioids have inflicted upon you and your loved ones.

The opioid crisis is still at large and people are suffering. If drug companies go down as a result of opioid overdose scandals, it will be difficult for patients who will not abuse opioids to receive medications to relieve their pain. The best way to fight back in the opioid crisis is to seek help before letting your addiction grow worse. Located in Georgetown, Texas, Alta Loma’s transformative treatment center can help you with any challenges you are facing in your addiction recovery. To prevent yourself from having to continue to struggle with getting clean, call Alta Loma today. Overdoses are an unfortunate consequence of relapse, or addiction going untreated. We can provide you with the tools you need for relapse prevention, such as individualized therapy, 12-Step programs, medication management, individual treatment for addiction and mental health needs, and more. To learn more about how, please call at (866) 457-3843.