You may love your job, but you still get stressed when you have no idea what is to come. You may be hit with hard tasks and have no idea what the outcome is or you did a hard task yesterday that you know you will have to continue with today. It is important to speak to those in your office about your anxiety as well as finding ways to make your job work for you that do not interfere with your mental health. 

Work-Related Worries

One worry could be that you are afraid to hit traffic on the way to work in fear you could be late to work. You could also be worried about the tasks you have to do at work that you are afraid you cannot handle. For example, you could be a doctor and be dealing with a tough case that is hard to diagnose. You know those possibilities can always occur during your shift and you are afraid to face those challenges. You could also be having trouble meeting deadlines, trouble concentrating, headaches, sick days, etc. 

Speak to Someone

Many people do not feel comfortable talking to their boss about their anxiety in fear that it will make them look weak or that they will lose their job. The truth is that you cannot be discriminated against because of your anxiety, according to The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, if you are able to still perform well at your job with reasonable accommodations. If you tell your boss what is troubling you, you can either work on tasks that are more for your comfort zone or have someone else work with you to get the job done. If you let a co-worker know what you are going through, that person can help keep you on track. Maybe they are experiencing the same thing as you.

Work Within Limits

If you know your anxiety well, you know what you can and cannot do. If you become stressed at work, take a little walk outside during your break. Take everything one at a time and do not think ahead of challenging future tasks. Work more on the easy tasks you can accomplish quickly and save the hard tasks for later. By being in control of your anxiety, you will be able to maintain your job and enjoy it much more when you learn how to feel comfortable.


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