People choose dating apps to find their true love as you can filter the type you are looking for by appearance, location, religion, politics, if they want children, etc. The problem is that dating apps can actually damage your mental health when it comes to being ignored after a date or if you are receiving no messages on your profile. By learning how to keep your mental health in check while using your dating apps, you will have more confidence searching for true love going forward.

Dating Apps and Mental Health

When dating apps are not used in a healthy way, they can cause you to feel low about yourself. According to a study by the University of North Texas, male Tinder users had lower levels of self-worth than those who did not use the app. They found that instead of focusing on the important aspects of what to find in a relationship, they are focused more on superficiality like how someone looks in their profile picture. This can cause you to focus on goals that are really not that important like obsessing overshooting yourself the perfect profile photo. Another negative aspect of dating apps is when you are constantly faced with rejection. The more rejection you face, the more drained you can feel as well as hopeless. 

Healthy Ways of Using Dating Apps

While it may seem like finding true love is important, taking care of your mental health should always come first. If dating apps are making you feel low, it is not worth it to keep putting yourself through these negative symptoms and may have to delete your account. You should only use these dating apps if you feel confident enough in yourself to be able to handle rejection. Make sure that you are feeling positive and optimistic and know that you will find a date through there that will make this journey worthwhile. 

Dating websites can make you feel worse if you are already having a bad day. Keep an open mind that not everyone on a dating website knows how to communicate properly and might be as nervous as you. You can also try Skyping or Facetiming the person to see if you connect by looking and talking to them offline before committing to a date. Having a good attitude and an open mind will help protect your mental health when using a dating site.

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