Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health diagnosis related to a person’s difficulty in recovering from a traumatizing event they experienced or witnessed. PTSD triggers are common side effects, including those brought on by certain sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, tastes and touches. These triggers remind the person of the traumatic event that occurred, often sending them spiraling downward, as if they are reliving the event. 

Joyful Events for Most May Be Painful Reminders for Others

While most people enjoy a beautiful fireworks display, the sound of it is a common PTSD trigger for military veterans. They experience anything from a sense of being unsafe to reliving the combat in which the initial trauma took place. A beautiful, sunny day usually inspires plans to get outside and enjoy it, but for someone with PTSD triggers, that same weather may be associated with the day their traumatizing event occurred. Boisterous crowds at a shopping center or concert may add to the excitement of an event, but is often something people with PTSD seek to avoid. 

Taking Back Control

A trained therapist can help someone suffering from PTSD triggers to identify what they are and develop coping skills for them. Other symptoms of PTSD, including difficulty sleeping, irritability, trouble concentrating, feeling guilt, and increased drinking or drug use, can also be addressed. A skilled clinician will work with a patient to put in place a system that helps them gain control over their symptoms. They can learn to reroute negative self-thoughts and reintegrate themselves into situations they otherwise would avoid out of fear of experiencing triggers.


One of the hardest parts of living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is dealing with the triggers. Unexpected things can set them off, leaving you reeling and fearful that you cannot overcome them. Alta Loma has a proven program that allows people with PTSD triggers to learn how to cope with them, leading to a life that is not ruled by the shame and fear of experiencing triggers. Reach out to Alta Loma today for more information at (866) 457-3843. We can talk to you about how we create tailor-made programs for our clients who experience PTSD, enabling them to manage their lives and develop a real sense of confidence. Our intimate setting in the Austin area provides a men-only experience that treats not only PTSD but other co-occurring mental illnesses, as well as addiction and alcoholism. Don’t let PTSD and triggers run your life. Get the help you deserve now!