Pictures can really say a lot without the use of words. When you are on a journey, keeping photos is a great way of showing how far you have come. One man, Kenny D., took pictures of himself during the past three years of the key stages of his sobriety to show himself all of the progress he made

Kenny During His Addiction

Kenny started drinking when he was in college, but it became a real problem 10 years ago. He was losing control after every drink and always drunk. By 2016, he would get drunk every day drinking 12-24 drinks blacking out three to four times a week. Kenny would stand in front of the mirror and wonder how he got to this point. The last time he had a drink, Kenny bought a case of beer to ration it for the week. After he put his son to bed, he had drank 19 beers and realized his life was not manageable. 

Kenny Getting Help

When Kenny’s friend got sober the year before, he reached out to her asking her for help. She picked up Kenny and drove him to his first A.A. meeting. The hardest part about the meetings for him was facing how he felt about other people and cleaning up the mess he made while drinking. Now, Kenny does his best to spiritual in every decision he makes by not being spiteful or angry. Whenever he has a problem, he calls his sponsor or someone else who is in recovery. 

Taking Pictures of His Sobriety

The day that Kenny got his first sobriety coin, he decided to take a picture of himself. He said he felt really ill during the picture. When Kenny got his 30-day coin, he thought that his looked changed drastically compared to the first photo. On Kenny’s one-year anniversary, he posted a side-by-side photo of himself on Reddit and called it “Progression of Sobriety.” He was very surprised by the positive responses he got. People were asking him about his addiction and how he quit drinking as well as helping their own families or friends. After that, he would post a picture of himself on his sobriety birthday on November 2nd. Today is year three of Kenny’s sobriety. By posting photos how vulnerable you looked before your sobriety journey and how healthy you look after, anyone will be inspired to achieve sobriety. 

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