There are many life factors to consider once you’ve made the decision to get help for a substance use disorder or alcohol addiction. One of the biggest decisions is where to go for help. Luckily, there are rehab centers across the nation, but sometimes, the best treatment center isn’t located close by. Or you may want to travel for treatment as a need for a fresh start. Whatever the reason, it’s important to start thinking about the pros and cons of leaving your area for treatment and what will work best for you. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before traveling for rehab.

  • Leaving an area allows for a fresh start, putting distance between you and the triggers that may tempt you to start using again.
  • Your area may not have rehabilitation centers that fit your needs. Traveling for rehab allows greater access to thousands of treatment centers, providing more choices to find the one that feels right for you.
  • Some people are worried about their reputation being ruined or concerned about the professional impacts attending rehab in their area could cause, especially if they are recognized in treatment. Attending a treatment center out of state allows for anonymity. 
  • Many people working through treatment find themselves wanting to leave their program early. Traveling for treatment helps reduce this common feeling and forces people to complete the program.
  • Money is a big factor to consider for anyone entering rehab and lack of insurance can be a big disadvantage if you decide to travel away for treatment. Out of pocket expenses can be a deciding factor not to leave your area for rehab, however, check with your insurance provider as some companies do cover out-of-state centers.
  • Lack of a support system. Traveling for treatment can limit the ability for friends and family to play a role during the initial phase of the program.
  • Setting up an aftercare plan can be difficult if you are in another state.
  • Those you meet in recovery, including your team of professionals in the rehabilitation center, will not be readily available to you after leaving treatment.
Treatment for Addiction

Addiction can feel isolating, but you are not alone. Whether you travel to get help or stay local, taking the step to treating your substance use disorder or addiction is a brave act. If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health condition and a substance use disorder or addiction, get help now. Mental health and substance use disorders or addiction is treatable and recovery is possible.

If you’re ready to begin taking great strides towards your health and wellbeing, speak with a professional from Alta Loma today. Mental illness should be taken seriously and, if not treated early on, more severe conditions can arise. The best way to promote happiness and health is to seek help – and to begin using effective interventions for treating the problematic symptoms a person is experiencing. Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need. Please call Alta Loma today – and you’ll be surrounded by a healthcare team who truly cares about your recovery. 866-457-3843