At Alta Loma, we know that staying sober outside of treatment and still having a social life can feel like an impossible task. When nightlife activities are often pushed as the only recreation options for adults, it can be hard to find something to do that supports your lifestyle. Fortunately, Georgetown, Texas, is a prime location for sober activities that can fulfill your need to stay active and be with loved ones, all while not damaging your progress toward recovery.

Fun Parks in Georgetown

Georgetown is a natural oasis for people who enjoy the outdoors. With over 40 parks to choose from, many of them connected via walking trails, the great outdoors offers plenty to do. For those who enjoy Disc Golf, Georgetown offers a few courses between nine and 18 holes located at three of their well-maintained public parks. The even more physically adept may enjoy a spin on the Challenge Course, a sky-high obstacle course that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

One of Georgetown’s parks is a step above the rest. Garey Park is a wide-open area of over 500 acres that includes a splash pad, dog park, horse trails, fishing ponds, an event center, pavilions, picnic shelters, and hiking trails. At the park, activities are available year-round, including wildlife scavenger hunts, guided hike adventures, and education programs to learn about the wildlife in the area.

Pools, Splash Pads, and More

For more physically active recreation, there are five pools to choose from and four splash pads. Speaking of summer fun, Georgetown Parks and Recreations offers a free summer film series where all you need is a chair or a blanket to enjoy an 8:30 PM movie with the community.

Georgetown is also home to the fourth-largest cavern in Texas, the Georgetown Palace Theatre, and several historic sites like the Grace Heritage Center and Historic Williamson County Courthouse.

As a community, Georgetown has a lot to offer: art, shopping, food, and endless natural wonder. Staying active and enjoying a healthy social life is crucial to recovery, so while you’re in Georgetown, find a friend and enjoy the city’s many offerings for a sober day or night of fun and community.

Staying sober isn’t always easy, whether you’re in treatment or you’ve finished your treatment program. At Alta Loma, we like to help our clients balance responsible, hard work towards recovery, and creating a healthy life full of enjoyment. Not only do we offer soul-filling recreation opportunities during treatment, but we teach our clients skills that will help them maintain a sober lifestyle for the rest of their lives. At Alta Loma, we want to make our treatment program the last you’ll ever need. Call (866) 457-3843 to discuss our different treatment options.