People with depression feel like no one around them wants them or does not notice them. Sometimes, the smallest gestures can make a big difference. People with depression told The Mighty about surprising ways that they felt loved while struggling with depression.


Babysitting can be a great way to feel loved by the kids you are watching over. As soon as you open the door, the kids will be running out of their rooms to hug you and say your name with joy. Playing games with them and putting them to bed can make you feel like you have a purpose. Seeing them smile and hearing them laugh around you can make you feel happy to be there.

Being There For Your Pets

Your dog, cat, bird, or any other pet you have has no fear in showing them how much they love you. They may smile at you, wag their tail, or just be in your presence. Your pets will give you unconditional love in that they will never judge or betray you. When your pet notices your sadness, that will make them cuddle towards you and demand more attention which will help you take your mind off your depressive thoughts. Just petting your animal and seeing them responding positively to your touch can make you feel positive as well.

Joking Around

When you are at work, you may feel better about your stressful day by joking around with your co-workers. Try finding humor in your difficult time and share that with your co-workers. You can feel safe knowing that people are laughing with you, making you feel good. It is a good time to make fun of yourself to make your workday fly by and more enjoyable.

Giving a Hug

Hugs can make you feel safe and warm. You may need someone to hold you when you feel like you are about to explode or cry. Sometimes, words are not enough to make you feel better and you just need someone to hold you to show you that they are there for you. Things no longer seem bad anymore knowing someone is taking a moment of their time to give you a free hug. Sending someone small, loving gestures to show them you care about them can make a world of difference in their mood and feeling like they belong. 

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