Medications may be part of your treatment program in recovery from mental illness and addiction. You may be taking medications for a variety of reasons, such as depression, anxiety, mood stabilization, anti-psychotics, or others. When you are not taking prescribed medications consistently, you might be negatively impacting your ability to heal and recover. 

Make sure to talk with your doctor or psychiatrist about any side effects you might experience while taking medications. When you are experiencing negative side effects, you might be tempted to stop taking your medications. Ask your doctor for information about your medication. Sometimes, side effects will change as your body adjusts to the medication. Side effects may also indicate that something is going wrong. The best practice is to have the information beforehand about what to expect. This way, you can know how to plan for your side effects and be safe while taking medications.

One common mistake that people might make while taking medications for their mental health is stopping their medications when they feel better. You may be prescribed medications for the purpose of regulating yourself until you learn coping skills to manage your symptoms without the use of medications. For some mental health disorders—like bipolar disorder, major depression, or schizophrenia—medications might help prevent symptoms. Sometimes, people think that they are “cured” after taking medications for a short time and stop the medication. However, their symptoms may reappear after they cease taking the medication. You should always consult with your doctor or psychiatrist when considering making changes to your medications.

Managing your medications while in recovery from mental health and addiction is important for your recovery. When taking medications, you should understand the potential side effects. Some side effects may be temporary as your body gets acclimated to the medication. Other side effects can be dangerous, so the best thing to do is be proactive and informed about anything that you are taking. You may be tempted to stop taking medications when you feel better. For some mental health conditions, the medication can help regulate chemicals in the brain that minimize your symptoms. When you stop taking your medication, you may have a resurgence of symptoms. You should consult your prescribing physician when thinking about making any changes to your medications. If you are struggling to manage your medications, you may need to develop skills that can help you. Alta Loma Transformational Services can help you gain skills in medication management and other recovery areas. Call us at (866) 457-3843.