Tens of millions of Americans are suffering from substance abuse disorders. The government is aware that the opioid crisis is killing millions who do not know where to turn to. Having the White House create a website to help connect those who want to be in recovery to treatment centers will make a big difference in decreasing the statistics of overdoses that happen every day.


The White House recently created a website called findtreatment.gov as a way of addressing the opioid crisis. This website shows a directory of 13,000 licensed treatment providers by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Users will be able to search on the website based on the type of treatment they need like inpatient, detox, or telemedicine, payment options, and whether it is medicine-assisted. The White House even employed a language expert on “destigmatizing” explanations for treatment options to make them acceptable for those who need them. According to the website, findtreatment.gov was made possible by more than 300 user feedback responses and 60 detailed interviews for those who sought treatment, family members, and providers. 

Website Features

On the homepage of findtreatment.gov, you can put in your city or zip code for treatment centers near you. Once you do that, you will be given a detailed list of treatment centers based on the distance. You can narrow down your search by the types of treatment, payment options, languages, ages, medication-assisted treatment, and special programs for veterans, the LGBT community, and services for the deaf or hard of hearing. Each treatment center will give you the phone number, address, services, payment accepted, and a link for more information on the center. 

Findtreatment.gov can also give you educational information on the answers you have been searching for about addiction. You can learn about different treatment types, paying for treatment for those insured and not insured, understanding addiction as well as mental health. The website also lists phone numbers for the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 and more help for finding treatment at 1-800-662-HELP. There plans on being future developments to integrate the site with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide more resources to the veteran community. With more websites like findtreatment.gov, people will have more access to treatment options and learn more about addiction and mental illness than they did before. Findtreatment.gov can help remove the stigma of addiction and can help millions of people.

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