Almost everyone has that one food that they cannot help craving as soon as they see it. Unfortunately, eating too much of a certain food, particularly junk food, can lead to damaging health. By figuring out what is in these foods that make them so addictive, you know which ones you should not have so much of and can come up with a healthier way of living.

What Experts Have Discovered

Researchers from the University of Michigan discovered that what addictive foods have in common is that they all contain a ratio of two parts carbohydrate to one part fat. This is the same ratio as breast milk. The University of Michigan did a study where 120 students were offered 35 different foods and asked to fill in the Yale Food Addiction Scale which measures how addictive you find a particular food. Ranked from 1-35, the top of the most addictive foods list was chocolate followed by ice cream, french fries, pizza, biscuits, crisps, cake, buttered popcorn, and cheeseburgers. The bottom of the list was salmon, brown rice, cucumber, and broccoli. 

The Fast 800 weight loss program discovered each of these foods had 2 grams carbs to 1 gram of fat. Breast milk may be the reason why we develop food cravings later in life since breast milk was the first time for us all that we experienced a reward after consuming food.

How to Beat These Cravings

The first way to beat these cravings can be to try a mediterranean-style diet. Studies have shown that this diet can help improve the performance of the brain region linked to self-control. A study in Trinity College proved that people who ate foods rich in extra-virgin olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables tend to function better compared to other diets. 

Increased fitness has also shown to increase the prefrontal cortex size which can help pick better food choices. It will help lower your metabolism so that you do not have to think about food, especially after a good workout. Just pick an activity that you enjoy doing at least three times a week. You should also make sure to stay away from stressful situations as junk food is a way of self-medication to make us feel better. By planning your meals in advance, sleeping more, and being aware of your food choices, you will be able to heal yourself from food addiction.

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