Cocaine is a Schedule II drug which means that it is illegal to use recreationally in the U.S. Some experience euphoria while others experience anxiety, pain, and hallucinations. By knowing what happens to you after trying cocaine just once, you will start far away from it before an addiction develops. 

What Happens When Trying Cocaine for the First Time?

Cocaine affects the central nervous system. This means that you can experience a variety of symptoms like a bloody nose, trouble breathing, abnormal heartbeat, dilated pupils, chest pain, anxiety, paranoia, tremors, dizziness, muscle spasms, stomach pain, stiff back or spine, nausea, diarrhea, and extremely low blood pressure. There are rare cases where cocaine can lead to sudden death even only trying it once where you have cardiac arrest and seizures. With all of these symptoms in mind, it is not worth letting cocaine enter your system and ruin your health.

What Happens When You Use Cocaine For a Long Time?

Many parts of the body get damaged when you use cocaine for a long time. You can ruin the odor receptors in your nose which makes you not be able to smell anymore. You can also experience memory loss, lower attention span, or decrease decision making. Prolonged inflammation can lead to holes in the roof of your mouth as well as a collapse of the nose and nasal cavity. You can also experience lung damage as well as increasing your risk of nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s.

What Can I Do For Help?

The first step to fixing your problem with cocaine is to admit that you have a problem. Since cocaine is an illegal drug, you may be scared that you could be in a lot of legal trouble as well as disappointing your friends and family in admitting you have an addiction. The truth is that according to Addiction Center, 5 million Americans are regular cocaine users. That means that so many Americans are struggling like you are and are looking for help. Reach out to a healthcare provider about your drug use such as how long, the quantity and the symptoms you are exhibiting. Then, you can enter drug detox to cleanse your body of the toxins existing. After, there is therapy, support groups, and 12 step meetings to attend. Avoid developing cocaine addiction by not trying it in the first place or your health will suffer the consequences. 

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