While it doesn’t happen right away, long-term substance abuse of any kind can cause some significant deficits. Alcoholism is a complex and dynamic disease, with so many factors that can influence a person’s vulnerability to it. The types of dysfunction that can derive from alcoholism may range from mild to severe – but by knowing ahead of time what potential health consequences could derive from this disease, we can take more proactive measures to treat it as early as possible.

A 2017 study published in the journal Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research explored the types of impairment that can arise from alcoholism and found that even after sobriety has been maintained, some deficits can still linger. Check out the following ways that alcoholism can disrupt a person’s cognitive functioning:

  •    Metamemory – knowledge of a person’s own memory capabilities and the general self-awareness of being able to learn and use memories
  •    Social cognition – how we process, store, and apply information about others and overall social situations
  •    Emotional processing – the ability to process emotions under extreme circumstances or stressful situations
  •    Executive functioning – planning, organizing, completing tasks, making decisions and other related skills that are crucial for use in daily life

Recovery is possible for anyone, and the sooner a person seeks help, the greater their chances of being able to restore any cognitive functions that may have been disrupted from the addiction. Alcoholism often goes untreated because our society finds alcohol to be an acceptable substance to abuse – but in many cases, even functional alcoholism places a person at risk for severe mental, physical and spiritual consequences.

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