Borderline personality disorder is a personality disorder that affects how you think and feel about yourself and others. Those with this disorder often have an intense fear of abandonment, struggle to keep healthy relationships, have intense emotions, act impulsively, and may experience paranoia and dissociation. Helping those with borderline personality disorder live past the stigma means seeing the world from the perspective of someone who has the disorder. 


Being Scared People Will Leave 


One of the primary symptoms of borderline personality disorder is the fear of abandonment, even when a relationship is going well. You may be afraid you are not good enough for other people and that people will leave you. Even if others find your thinking irrational, it can seem real to you when you struggle with your emotions. If you have borderline personality disorder, you may come off as needy or clingy if you continue to hold onto someone in fear they will leave. 


Everything Is Felt More Intensely


Having borderline personality disorder can be very intense — the good and bad emotions can be over the top. Your actions may make sense to you but can be blown out of proportion to others. When you struggle with borderline personality disorder, your brain chemistry is different from other people’s, leading to varying views of the world surrounding you. It is essential to make sure you do not tell someone with borderline personality disorder that their feelings are not valid. 


Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder


Medications cannot treat borderline personality disorder, but they can help treat accompanying symptoms such as depression, impulsivity, or anxiety. Therapy is the most effective form of treatment for borderline personality disorder; however, many people believe that treating borderline personality disorder is challenging and does not work. According to the National Education Alliance on Borderline Personality Disorder, treatment can actually decrease the symptoms of someone struggling with borderline personality disorder. The most effective therapies for treating borderline personality include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and mentalization-based therapy (MBT). 


Borderline personality disorder comes with a significant stigma because of the assumptions surrounding this mental health disorder. People with borderline personality disorder struggle with intense emotions and maintaining relationships because of their fear of abandonment. Learning the truth about borderline personality disorder can help you better sympathize. At Alta Loma, we understand what people with borderline personality disorder go through regularly and are here to help. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we provide individualized therapy, therapeutic recreational activities, coping skills education, a long-term continuum of care, and more. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.