Anyone who pursues addiction recovery must find some time to explore themselves: their hobbies, their interests, their attitudes and values towards certain things, etc. Mental health issues and addiction can take away all of these aspects of a person, forcing them to spend all their time and effort on the drive for using again or quieting our minds. Recovery is about the regaining of what was lost, and it can be empowering to do some self-work.

Exploring Self-Identity Steps to Moving Forward

1. Awareness

Awareness is often the first step in recovery and can help us to start making changes that are better for us. Perhaps friends and family helped you gain this awareness, or maybe it was a major event that sparked it. The best way to make appropriate changes in your life is to stay aware because the more you know, the more you’re able to take action.

2. Building Community

As we start learning more about ourselves, we can also begin to open our minds and hearts to others. In 12-Step programs, this form of community is what can cause people to feel stronger than ever before in their journey. One of the best things a person can do while pursuing treatment is to surround themselves with people who support their recovery and who are seeking out treatment as well. Oftentimes, these connections we make with others cause us to feel at “home,” which only lifts us up as we pursue our sobriety goals.

3. Discovery

The process of connecting with yourself and with others is largely based on exploration. All of the therapy, insight, and discussions that we’ve had that can contribute to new meanings for ourselves and our lives. Throughout your recovery, continue to push your boundaries by trying different hobbies, practicing different mental health tools you’re learning in therapy, allowing yourself to move forward with opportunities that are good for you, and connecting with people who feel right to your growth. When we place ourselves in these positions, we’re setting ourselves up for success.

Everyone has their own ups and downs in recovery, and it’s important to remember that one person’s recovery journey isn’t going to be the same as another person’s. At Alta Loma, we offer individualized treatment plans. We are a world-renowned, Texas state-licensed mental health and substance abuse recovery center exclusively for men with ranch style housing located in a peaceful, remote area. If you are ready to seek treatment to develop the tools you need to overcome life’s obstacles and be on the road towards happiness, health, and well-being, call us today at (866) 457-3843 for a consultation.