Mindfulness has become a sort of “buzzword” across social media recently. Nonetheless, it is an incredibly important practice that can shape your life if you allow it to.

Mindfulness is defined as the ability to stay tuned into the present moment. This can be unnerving at times, especially if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or some other form of mental illness. However, mindfulness is something that can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It brings us so many benefits, as long as we stay dedicated to using it.

Focus on the Now

When we practice mindfulness, we’re essentially practicing being in the moment – our breathing, our environment, and everything else that’s happening in the now. Far too often, we’re focused on the past and what has already happened, or we’re worried about the future and what could be. Mindfulness aims to put our focus solely on what is happening right now at this very moment, without concerns about the past or the future. All we can control is today.

Mindfulness can be practiced in many different ways. It’s up to you to discover what works best for you. For example, you can practice mindfulness by:

  • Taking a minute to stop and simply breathe
  • Looking around you and soaking in all of the colors, sounds, textures, and smells
  • Recognizing those you love and embracing being near them
  • Reading a good book and allowing yourself to get lost in the story
  • Paying attention to the movement of your body as you walk
  • Pausing briefly between your actions
  • Listening fully to others when they speak to you
  • Trying new activities to stimulate your senses
  • Observing your thoughts as they come to you
Use Holistic Practices

The ways you practice mindfulness can look a bit different depending on the person, but there are holistic practices that can be pursued in treatment to help you get on track. Meditation, for example, is an excellent mindfulness practice that asks you to focus on your breathing. Other activities like acupuncture or massage therapy are known for being therapeutic and relaxing – bringing you into the present moment and helping you to stay grounded.

We’re Here for You

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