According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is a complicated and multifaceted mental health condition. It is not just being shy, and instead involves:

  • Avoidance of meeting new people
  • Inability to leave one’s house for fear of communicating with others
  • Turning down offers for social gatherings
  • Feeling terrified of doing something wrong at a social gathering
  • Thinking that everyone is talking negatively about you behind your back
  • Feeling extremely self-conscious in typical social situations

If someone feels this way for over six months, and everyday tasks become harder to do because of these feelings, there may be a social anxiety disorder present. The innate fear of judgment from others may affect school, work, and other social activities. This fear also makes it difficult for individuals dealing with this disorder to obtain and maintain friendships and relationships. 

Common Situations That Impact Those with Social Anxiety Disorder

Someone experiencing the symptoms associated with a social anxiety disorder feels fear and anxiety in social situations such as:

  • Job interviews
  • Classroom interactions and answering questions in class
  • Meeting new people
  • Dating
  • Talking to people in public, such as at the bank or in the grocery store
  • Eating or drinking in front of other people
  • Using public restrooms

The main problem in dealing with a social anxiety disorder is that the individual feels fear of being rejected, humiliated, or judged. Social situations cause these individuals to feel completely out of control and therefore causes fear and anxiety so intense that going to work or attending school may be impossible tasks to overcome. Research reveals that seven percent of Americans deal with social anxiety disorder, it starts at a young age, and left untreated it may last for years or a lifetime which prevents an individual from reaching their full potential. 

Are You Seeking Help?

Being unable to participate in everyday activities is detrimental to one’s physical, mental, and psychological health. Fear and anxiety related to social anxiety disorder may lead to subsequent substance misuse and substance use disorders to drugs or alcohol to cope with the negative effects of this disorder. Feeling out of control of one’s life is a dangerous path to walk on, and regaining control and independence is imperative for overcoming the fear and anxiety related to the symptoms of this mental illness. 


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