Going through addiction recovery is a long and challenging journey, but the rewards are so worth it. Earning your sobriety takes time and a lot of determination, so it is only natural to want to share your story later on. Your story can help others that are struggling.

However, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their recovery story or even thinks that it is necessary. Some are worried about how it will be perceived or even the right time to share their story. Knowing when to share your story can help you make this decision and open up about everything you have been through. Here is when you should share your recovery story.

Talk to Your Therapist

In treatment, you most likely talked to a therapist or counselor to work out the underlying causes of addiction and learn how to cope with triggers to maintain your sobriety. Once you begin thinking about sharing your story with others, it is a good idea to talk to your therapist before doing so. Doing this can help you ensure that it is the right time and that you are emotionally stable. It is essential to do so because sharing your story can bring up many emotions and leave you feeling vulnerable in front of others. Your recovery should come first, so you want to make sure you are in a good place to share your story without jeopardizing it.

Write Out Your Story

Writing out your story or even practicing it verbally with yourself can help you know that you are comfortable sharing it. There are many online prompts and tips to help you understand what details to share and what is most helpful to yourself and others when sharing. This process will also help you know what you are comfortable discussing and what personal areas are not ready for others’ ears. Then, you can make an informed decision about when and how to share your recovery story.

Sharing your recovery story is a powerful tool that can help you and others that are struggling. Hearing your story of survival and perseverance to get clean can inspire someone else to start their own recovery journey. Knowing when to share your story is a delicate process, and you shouldn’t rush it. Wait until you are fully comfortable and ready for others to hear it. If you need help figuring this process out, contact Alta Loma Transformational Services. We want our clients to be successful even after treatment and share when they feel comfortable. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.