A weak immune system can leave you susceptible to many contagious diseases, including COVID-19. People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol tend to have weaker immune systems. The most common diseases that people with alcohol disorders are susceptible to are pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis. However, a weak immune system isn’t limited to catching just these diseases. Alcoholics often have fewer antibodies in their system, which can lead to immunodeficiency. It is also likely that alcoholics will be immunosuppressed due to liver failure and liver disease because liver failure and liver disease tend to have an autoimmunity component, in which the immune system accidentally attacks its own tissue. Symptoms of immunodeficiency include frequently getting sick and being sick for long periods of time.

Immunodeficiency During the Pandemic

Immunodeficient people are often advised to be extra careful during this pandemic. If you are immunodeficient, stay inside as much as you can, wear a mask, maintain distance from other people, and wash your hands frequently. Carry hand sanitizer with you for when you find yourself in places where you can’t wash your hands. You can also wear gloves when it is necessary. Not only are immunodeficient people more likely to catch COVID-19, but it also causes people to be sick for longer and increases their chance of spreading it to other people. COVID-19 symptoms for immunosuppressed people are likely to be much worse than for people who have healthier immune symptoms. You can strengthen your immune system by working out and eating healthy.

Mental Health and Immunosuppression

Less contact with the outside world can cause people to become depressed. If you are a recovering addict, it is especially important to manage your mental health alongside your physical health. Feelings of depression or a lack of control in one’s life can drive a person to drink. It’s important to find COVID-19 friendly ways to manage both your physical and mental health. For instance, Zoom calls with friends, therapists, and family will help you stay connected while staying in isolation. Keep yourself busy with hobbies and projects you can accomplish indoors. Exercise will often give people an extra boost of endorphins to help them battle their depression. However, instead of putting yourself at risk by going to the gym, try an at-home work out video or exercising in an empty outdoor space. 

Since unhealthy drinking habits can weaken the immune system, it is important to get your drinking under control, eat healthy, and exercise to build a healthier immune system. If you are immunosuppressed, you must be extra careful during this pandemic. Try to find safe ways to maintain both your mental and physical health. It’s hard to stay sober and healthy during an international pandemic, but Alta Loma is here to help. Alta Loma will provide you with the assistance you need to stay sober and keep your immune system healthy. For more information, call (866) 457-3843.