Because of rampant societal stigmas surrounding men and mental health, many individuals do not know how to spot specific symptoms in men. This is especially true for anxiety, as many men display some unique symptoms when experiencing anxiety that can be taken as general personality characteristics. Understanding how men show anxiety can help get the ones you love or even yourself the help needed to recover properly.

Why Do Men Avoid Getting Help?

Society often places pressure on men to “toughen up” and not show weakness. Stereotypes commonly place men that admit weakness in a light that paints them as “less of a man.” This stigma can cause many men to hide their emotions or express them in ways that come across as “more masculine.” When it comes to anxiety, many men often suppress their feelings because they are pressured by society to hide them.

How Do Anxiety Symptoms Manifest in Men?

Many people often associate worrying or feelings of nervousness with the symptoms of anxiety. However, many men do not express anxiety in these ways. Instead, their symptoms can come across as something else that many do not correlate with feelings of anxiety. This can cause many men to be misunderstood when they are struggling with feelings of anxiousness in actuality.

Common anxiety symptoms in men include:

  1. Headaches
  2. Aggression
  3. Insomnia/fatigue
  4. Sweating
  5. Anger/irritability
  6. Muscle aches
  7. Gastrointestinal problems
Common Coping Methods in Men

Another difference in anxiety in men relates to how they cope with their symptoms. While many women will turn to their friends for help or reach out to a mental health professional, men typically try to suppress their emotions or turn to unhealthy ways of coping. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to reduce their symptoms, which can potentially result in addiction. Others turn to watching porn, playing video games, or spending most of their time online.

Many men feel helpless when they ace anxiety because they do not know how to cope. Due to common societal stigmas, many men feel they must suppress their emotions to not come across as “weak.” This can result in symptoms that are not usually recognized as caused by anxiety. By educating ourselves on anxiety in men, more individuals can get the help they need. Alta Loma Transformational Services aims to provide a safe space for men to heal from mental health and addiction concerns. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 to learn more.