This pandemic has forced couples to spend more time in the house than ever before when unemployment kicks in. This can mean more fights happen because of the stress of always being in each other’s orbits, including little things like not putting the dishes away or leaving your dirty clothes on the floor. You can confront your partner without straining your mental health through rational communication and listening to each other’s point of view.

Choose Your Battles

While there may be a lot of things that are setting you on edge about your partner but it is important to pick what is worth the argument. If this is a habit that your partner cannot break, like taking naps in the middle of the day, it is not worth the energy to argue about it. Stick to the issues that truly have an impact on your life like trust, emotional security, finances, and how to take care of children. If that person has more good qualities than bad, do not let the bad qualities affect how you see them. 

Be Empathic

The goal of arguing is to be able to communicate how you feel. It is not to belittle them or hurt someone’s self-esteem. If you are feeling very angry, practice deep breathing for fifteen minutes or even a few hours to calm yourself. This will prevent you from saying something you may regret. You can practice empathy by acknowledging their feelings and expressing your feelings through non-verbal gestures like your facial expression or holding their hand. If you do happen to say something hurtful to someone in anger, give a sincere apology the moment you say it.

Find Common Ground

When people fight, they seem to make it a battle about who is right and who is wrong. Ask yourself if it is more important to prove you are right or to be kind and hear the other person’s perspective. Instead of only focusing on the negative, see where the two of you agree on a subject. This will show that you see your partner’s point of view and that you care. Validation of the perspective of each person will show that you are considerate of their feelings even if the two of you still disagree. Working through your conflicting arguments with care and empathy will save everyone’s mental health as well as your relationship.

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