When your partner is the one who brings in the money or makes more money, losing their job can bring about anxiety in a relationship. This can lead to sensitive conversations about what to do about work or how to pay off their finances. Patience and support is a great way for your relationship to last through this hard time and can ease your anxiety.

What is the Best Way to Speak to Your Partner of Their Job Loss?

Your partner may be feeling guilty and ashamed at their current situation. Instead of putting any pressure on them or any other negative feelings, be there for them. Do not give your partner any reason to feel like they are a burden. Do not overwhelm them with lists of job sources or help with their resume unless they ask you. It is also important not to pity your partner as you do not want to make them feel worse than they already feel. Leave the table open to discuss and let them know you are always available to talk.

Why is it Important to Let Your Partner Grieve?

While you may never want to see your partner upset, sometimes you need to allow them to feel what they are feeling. Give them some time to adjust to this new change instead of trying to pick them up so quickly. Time and space can heal everything if you let it.

How Do You Help Your Partner?

Your partner may be defensive towards you in that they want to find a job all by themselves with no help from anyone. Remember not to be offended by these feelings as your partner may still be in shock over losing their job. You can let your partner know that they may not be seeking help from you, but that you can help from brainstorm and come up with strategies. Tell your partner that as an option instead of being forceful.

How Can You Put Things in Perspective With Your Partner?

Let your partner know that losing your job is very common. People lose their jobs based not on their performance but on how well the business is doing. Let your partner know that you will do whatever it takes to help them. Offer words of encouragement that everything will be okay to motivate your partner to keep going to job interviews and succeed.

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