You may notice that your partner is feeling blue lately. Something is apparently wrong if this mood has been the same for the past two weeks. Instead of trying to fix your partner, be compassionate and understanding towards them so they know they have someone to turn to when their emotions become more intense.

More Tired Than Usual

While it is normal to be tired after a long day, it is another to not want to get out of bed. Your partner may act like they need to rest more often which can make them call out of work or cancel plans. Depression can also make it harder to fall asleep if you have too many negative thoughts keeping you awake. When you speak to your partner, do not order them to go to bed or lecture them about their lack of sleep. Be caring and let your partner know you are concerned for them. If your partner tells you they want help, ask them how they would like you to help.

No Urge to Do Anything

There may be times when your partner does not want to do anything. This is fine as some people want to just relax at home. It is another issue, though, if it becomes the new normal to only want to stay in and not get out to do anything fun. They may tell you they are not in the mood, too tired, or try to pick a fight with you. Having the urge to not do the things you normally enjoyed is a symptom of depression. It is best to work at your partner’s speed and let them know that you miss spending time with them. 

Hygiene Avoidance 

When someone shows that they no longer care about their own cleansing habits and looking presentable to others, you know that there must be something wrong. It can be things like not showering, brushing their teeth, shaving, combing their hair, etc. They also do not care about how their clothes smell or if there are holes or stains. If you feel like your partner is depressed, it is best to recommend them to see a therapist. You can help them find a therapist that best suits their needs, driving them to appointments, and supporting them through it all. Being there for your partner on their journey towards happiness makes all the difference in the world.

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