Depression has the potential to make us feel completely worthless and alone. That’s why it’s so incredibly hard for those with depression to push through the fog. Studies have actually shown that depression is one of the largest occurrences for people across the world. Those with depression are at a greater likelihood of battling substance abuse as well. If treatment isn’t sought early on, depression gets worse. It increases the risk for self-harm, addiction, isolation and, unfortunately, death by suicide.

What Do Depression and Recovery Looks Like?

When we’re recovering from a mental health issue or addiction, we’re already experiencing a plethora of thoughts and emotions. The first year of recovery is almost always the hardest because it’s a major change that we have to get used to and depression can cause a lot of negative thoughts to come flooding in. It’s the internal monologue – the thoughts that put us down and make us feel weak and small – that can destroy us over time. Thankfully, there are programs that can help us move through and beyond depression. 12-Step programs, for example, offer individuals in recovery so much structure and guidance that it becomes easier to understand both addiction and the addictive nature of depression. Alongside these mutual support groups, depression can be treated through therapy and support from a formal treatment program.

Support is a crucial part of recovery. Those with depression tend to isolate themselves but being around others who care about them is truly the best thing for them. Through volunteer work, support groups, and activities that uplift a person and help them get out of their comfort zone, profound healing can occur. This type of healing perhaps would not have otherwise taken place outside of those opportunities. Depression can hold us down at times, but recovery can be found as long as we continue to work hard and don’t give up.

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