Throughout your recovery journey, you will meet many individuals working hard to maintain their sobriety just like you. As you lean on each other for support and enjoy your time together, it is understandable to be shocked, heartbroken, or even disappointed when a fellow sober companion relapses. You may want to support them but are unsure how since you are on your own recovery journey. Knowing how to properly help someone that has relapsed while also protecting your own mental health will be beneficial for you both. Here is how to support a friend in recovery that has relapsed.

Be Positive and Offer Support

Your friend will beat themselves up more than anyone else in their life will after a relapse. They will most likely be feeling negatively towards themselves, so it is crucial not to pity them or be pessimistic. Offering support and optimism can go a long way when someone is trying to pick themselves up after a relapse. Remind them that you are there for them and there are other resources to help.

Set Boundaries

Keep in mind that your sobriety is your first priority. It’s understandable to want to help your friend, but you should not do so to the point that your own recovery is threatened. Help your friend and provide support when you can, but continue practicing your coping techniques and sober activities as you navigate this time. Don’t allow your kindness to be taken advantage of.

Recommend Helpful Activities or Services

When someone goes through a relapse, they may feel that they cannot pick up the pieces, and their sobriety is doomed. You can help them combat this feeling by reminding them of various meetings, treatment programs, and coping techniques to help moving forward. This can motivate them to keep going and realize that all hope is not lost.

Learning that a sober friend has relapsed when you are also in recovery yourself can be challenging to deal with. You wonder how you can support them while also protecting your own sobriety. Alta Loma Transformational Service has extensive experience in helping men of all ages be successful in recovery. If you know someone that has relapsed or you are thinking about it yourself, reach out. We can find the right program to help you get back on your feet and meet your individual recovery needs. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 to learn more about our Texas-based facility.