Recovery is filled with so many ups and downs, and it’s truly a learning process for everyone involved. For many people, role models are considered an excellent way to strive towards their goals in recovery. By finding someone you can look up to, there’s a lot more space for inspiration and motivation in achieving one’s recovery goals. Many celebrities are coming forth with their mental illness and/or addictions, which makes it that much easier to find someone to look to for guidance. A clear example of a role model is Russell Brand, who has now been actively working towards addiction recovery for 15 years.

Types of Role Models

There are typically two types of people whom you may look up to in recovery: general role models and mentors. A typical role model is someone whom you haven’t met before, but someone you can look up to such as a celebrity. A mentor is someone whom you know that you reach out to for help and support throughout some of the most challenging moments of your recovery. If you’re identifying with a role model in particular, you may want to do some research online to find out some of the following bits of information about them, asking the following questions:

  • What was their past like with substance abuse?
  • What did they say was their defining moment for seeking out help?
  • What ups and downs have they gone through?
  • In interviews and magazines, what advice have they given?
  • What are some of their greatest words of encouragement for you to follow?

Previous studies have explored the benefits of connecting with others and finding role models for recovery. As it turns out, those who seek out role models are more likely to find greater meaning in their recovery journey.

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