There are multiple levels of care in substance abuse and mental health treatment, starting at residential treatment programs that require 24-hour care. However, some people choose to participate in Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP).

These programs may be someone’s first step into treatment, or they may be a step down after completing residential treatment. IOP treatment allows individuals to continue with their daily lives and live at home, while still receiving intensive therapy and education.

IOP at Alta Loma

Programs differ in their requirements, but at Alta Loma, IOP involves staying in our supportive housing at The Villa. Clients may receive medically-assisted treatment and undergo two hours of therapy or training a day, five days a week.

Not everyone who enters an IOP will have stayed in residential treatment, but continuing care will extend to continued therapy and mental health treatment after graduation with a quality program. This is called continuing care.

The Importance of Continuing Care

Continuing care through an IOP and continued sessions with a primary therapist are essential to addiction recovery and life-long improvement in mental health symptoms. In a review of IOPs and their effectiveness, results showed that participants of this type of program showed significant reductions in alcohol and drug use after graduating from IOP.

Who Can Benefit From IOP? 

IOP still requires a high level of commitment, and clients undergoing this level of treatment ideally have a high level of support at home. Those seeking treatment for substance abuse or mental health problems would benefit from an IOP if they were experiencing the following:

  • Difficulty getting sober or abstaining from substance use
  • Significant impairment in work, school, family, or social relationships
  • Experiencing a significant emotional or mental health crisis that isn’t a danger to one’s life or the life of others

The most important part of a person’s recovery from substance abuse or a mental health episode is establishing and strengthening a support system, whether with family or friends. Those who are seeking care through an IOP need this more than ever. If you’re looking to receive IOP treatment and don’t have a supportive network, Alta Loma can help you to strike a balance between intensive treatment, at-home support, and the creation of a life-long support network.

Staying at The Villa to receive intensive outpatient care is a great way to build a support network, learn coping skills, and experience a reduction in symptoms of your mental health disorder. If you’re looking for treatment and connection, staying at Alta Loma and learning more about your disorder can help you achieve this. With our emphasis on dual diagnosis, we will help you learn more about the roots of your disorders and help you establish healthy coping mechanisms that you can take with you after graduation. To learn more about IOP at Alta Loma, call (866) 457-3843