Stepping away from stress to focus on recovery indicates dedication and maturity in individuals with substance use disorder (SUD). Some stresses, however, are unavoidable–financial troubles, small relationship spats, and other emotional strains happen every day.

You are strong, confident, and capable of overcoming any challenges to your mental health. When confronted with unexpected stress, draw from the coping methods you have been developing during treatment and rid those stressors away with skill.

Stressors in the Workplace

Everyone has bad days and the negative disposition of your coworkers may bring you down too. When bad attitudes, impending deadlines, rude customers, or other unfavorable circumstances plague your workday, there’s no need to panic.

During treatment, you discussed crisis situations in your professional life and developed practices to manage anxiety and other emotional responses to stress. Rather than let a rude comment sink your good mood, you need to reflect on your experiences in therapy and employ the skills you learned there.

Sometimes, sloughing off an unkind remark is the wisest decision, whereas in other situations confiding in a coworker or confronting an aggressor will stem the stress surging through you. Each person responds differently to stress; thus, everyone has a unique effective stress-reduction strategy. Don’t be afraid to use yours!

Help for Your Home Life

We love our family members, but sometimes they drive us crazy. Just as you found positive solutions for workplace problems, you worked with your therapist to plan stress management strategies for family issues. Listening, keeping an open mind, and sharing your honest thoughts at all times are important to maintaining healthy relationships within the household. If problems persist and small stresses turn into long-term fights, family therapy is a good option for you. Consult your therapist or primary care physician to find local family therapists.

You are succeeding in your recovery every day that you prioritize your health. Workplace woes, family arguments, and other stressors that arise in your day can dent your positive attitude, but recognizing problems and working to solve them, rather than ignoring uncomfortable situations, will strengthen your willpower and resistance to triggers. Keep up the good work!

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