Simple acts of self-care like preparing your favorite healthy meal or taking a few minutes to meditate may seem insignificant, but those little acts go a long way! Caring for your mind and body is important in recovery. The work you do in therapy is difficult, and you may find yourself feeling exhausted and, after time, unmotivated if you aren’t taking time to rest and relax.

Your pre-recovery routine needs to be modified to fit your current lifestyle. Your new approach to self-care should promote positive mental and physical health in the form of easy and fun activities. In short, make sure your self-care routine makes you happy and healthy!

1. Healthy Diet

Poor dietary habits are often the result of continuous substance abuse. While in rehab, you were able to reverse the harmful effects of substance use disorder (SUD) through healthy eating. Health professionals advised you on how to maintain a balanced diet, recommending foods, and, in some situations, vitamins and other supplements to keep your body in peak condition.

When you’re planning some self-care activities, save some time to cook or bake your favorite meal using the foods that were recommended to you. Adding a less nutritious treat to your normal meal can be a fun way to treat yourself after a long week, and spending time to unwind in the kitchen will make your heart and stomach happy.

2. Regular Exercise

The nutritional imbalance caused by SUD, in addition to decreased rates of exercise, have weakened your muscles and decreased cardiovascular fitness, in addition to other bodily functions. If you love heavy lifting and working up an intense sweat, structure some time for the gym or exercise classes into your routine.

If the gym is not the place for you, there are plenty of other ways to stay active! Walking the dog, swimming laps, hiking in the woods, or riding your bike are all ways to keep your body in motion without ever lifting a weight. A community-building activity like joining a sports team might be another activity that allows you to unwind. Save some time for exercise in your day–your body and mind will thank you.

3. Clean Living Space

Cleaning can be a meditative experience for some. Individual practices like folding laundry or washing dishes are soothing for many people, but for others, cleaning is no fun at all. Studies show that a tidy home promotes positive mental health.

Dedicate time to organizing and cleaning your environment every week or month. If cleaning is your worst nightmare, investing in a housekeeping service (even if that service is just a helpful friend) will be a huge boon to your mental health.

4. Skin and Hair Care

Taking time to care for your hair and body is not selfish. Many people derive great satisfaction from applying makeup and other cosmetic products. You may find that regular facemask or salt scrub will cleanse your body and soul. When you feel your best on the outside, that positive energy will turn inward, too. Save time for your skin and hair maintenance in your self-care routine.

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