The holidays are finally here! Whether you’ve been waiting in excitement or you’ve been quietly dreading them, you cannot stop the holiday season from arriving. The holiday season is a time of year filled with temptations. You may be coping with how to celebrate the holidays now that you’re sober, or you may be coping with how to deal with holiday loneliness, due to COVID-19, without relying on old bad habits.

Celebrate and Stay Sober

Holiday celebrations often involve alcoholic beverages. However, it might be helpful to focus on more appropriate ways that you can celebrate the holidays. For starters, you can make non-alcoholic versions of holiday-themed cocktails. There are plenty of alcohol-free, holiday-themed beverages like hot chocolate or peppermint tea that you can consume in celebration. You may find it harder to celebrate the holidays due to the pandemic. Even though COVID-19 makes it difficult to have a feast with family and friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t make one for yourself. Decorate your living room, set the table with festivity, and indulge in your favorite meal. You can watch your favorite Christmas movie, bake some cookies, or dance to your favorite holiday music.

Celebrating Safely With Friends and Family

If the holidays are depressing you because you feel you can’t be with your family, you can try organizing a virtual celebration. Many video chat platforms allow you to interact with multiple people at once. To get people more involved in the holiday excitement, you can suggest playing a virtual game with family and friends like or Among Us. Gifts can be exchanged through the mail and opened over video chat. This way you can still see the surprised look on the person’s face when he or she opens your gift. You can share your merriment by giving a virtual tour of your home now that it’s decorated for the holidays or share your holiday spirit by singing Christmas songs and toasting to the new year. If virtual interactions don’t satisfy your loneliness, then prepare healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your depression. Whether you fill the lonely void by watching TV or indulging in a bath, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself this holiday season. Avoid loneliness by giving yourself activities to do. Get yourself involved in holiday crafts like creating homemade ornaments or drive by your neighborhood Christmas displays. There’s a lot of sober fun to be had!

This holiday season, remember to stay safe and sober. Enjoy non-alcoholic holiday beverages and create your own holiday cheer by decorating your house or watching holiday movies. To avoid feeling lonely during the pandemic, organize a virtual holiday party, send gifts through the mail, and sing Christmas songs with your family and friends. It’s important to take care of yourself during the holidays, so make sure you are eating healthy and exercising. At Alta Loma, your physical and emotional health always comes first. If you are struggling with loneliness during the holidays, please call (866) 457-3843.