It is hard to be married to someone who is struggling with depression. Your spouse may have moments when they are considering suicide or shut themselves out from everyone. By being open on honest with each other about your feelings and encouraging your spouse to seek treatment, your marriage will survive.

Depressed Partner Has Suicidal Thoughts

You may be feeling insulted if your partner has expressed they have suicidal thoughts. It does not make sense to you because you feel like your love should enough to want to stay alive. You could also be living in fear that your spouse will go through with killing themselves and that you need to be the hero to prevent that from happening. It is important to understand that your spouse cannot help the way their brain functions. They want to live but need more guidance than others to want to live. Do not wait until your spouse hits rock bottom to realize how serious your spouse’s thoughts are. The deeper the depression is, the harder it will be for them to want to seek help. 

Feeling Like an Advocate

Whenever your partner is down, you feel like you need to be your spouse’s biggest supporter. You feel like it is your job to make sure your spouse sees a doctor or therapist as well as making sure your spouse takes their medication. You feel like a treatment coordinator more than a romantic partner. You need to trust that your spouse will rely on a mental health professional for their depression and that you do not need to be cautious for them to do everything right. Once you establish a treatment plan, it becomes a routine that is easy to follow.

Feeling Guilty for Being Happy

Whenever you feel like smiling or enjoying yourself, you stop yourself because you know your spouse is struggling. You feel guilty for not being the depressed party. Well, it does not help make matters better if both you and your partner are depressed. You should know that your partner would never want you to struggle the way they are.

Hiding Your Worries

You want to be brave for your partner and not want to admit that you are scared or worried about anything. Be open and honest with your partner that depression recovery is a scary journey, but that it is one that you will brave through together.

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