The pandemic has made it hard to form human connections with people in person as you want to be cautious of your health. When you are in recovery, you need a support group to lean on and it does not help when COVID-19 has restricted in-person meetings. Telehealth counseling provider Lionrock has incorporated cooking classes into their website to bring people in recovery together and make easy, delicious meals.

Can Cooking Therapy Aid Recovery?

Completing a detox program makes you feel exhausted and weak after suffering withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, flu-like symptoms, and the damage that alcohol has done to your body. That is all the more reason why it is important for your recovery to feel hydrated and eat the right amount of healthy food to build your strength up and get the body working again. Cooking therapy not only gives you something to occupy your hands and your mind but can hone into your creativity. It is not about becoming a top-class chef, but about finding more productive ways to spend your time. You can take pride in what you have cooked and fill in that void that you once used for drugs and alcohol.

Lionrock’s Cooking Classes

Ever since January 7th, Lionrock has been providing free virtual cooking classes on its website. These classes bring people in recovery together on Zoom video to make nourishing meals. When you reserve your spot, you will be sent an email with the Zoom link and recipe. The recipes are already posted so people can buy the ingredients ahead of time. The recipes are quick and easy to make such as Chinese rice and protein bowls, black bean burgers, and chicken salads. Everyone sets up their computer or phone in the kitchen and then everyone eats together when they are done. There are also mealtime conversations to help each person tackle their addiction like how to overcome sugar cravings since alcohol metabolizes as sugar.

Other Recovery Features at Lionrock

Lionrock also has links to meetings you can attend on Zoom. There are 12-step meetings you can join through the website as well as CommUnity support groups which offer a range of topics and recovery approaches. There is even a podcast made by people in recovery who have new episodes every Tuesday for listeners to laugh and provide hope. Virtual cooking classes have the power to bring people together for strong addiction recovery support.

Virtual cooking classes help bring people together during a time when it is hard for people to connect in person. Cooking classes can be an essential tool for successful addiction recovery in letting the creative juices flow and occupying your time with a healthier hobby. At Alta Loma, we understand how important nutrition is to your recovery and making sure you have your essential food groups covered. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can provide you with nutritional support and individual meal plans, 12-step programs, individualized therapy, and more. Please call at (866) 457-3843 for more information about our services.